Klitschko vows to humble Fury in rematch

In the wake of next month’s highly awaited fight between him and Tyson Fury, former World Champion Vladimir Klitschko has guaranteed to humble Tyson Fury in their rematch.

For a fighter who hadn’t lost a single fight in the last decade, it was very difficult for Klitschko to accept his defeat at the hands of Tyson Fury last November.

The Ukrainian was poor that day as Fury stripped him of the IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO titles.

After the fight in November, Klitschko was quick to admit that the controversial British Boxer was better than him on the day.

However, if the recent comments of Klitschko are anything to go by, the Ukrainian has definitely learned his lessons in the harshest way possible.

“I’ve suffered like a dog,” Klitschko told German magazine Stern in an interview.

In addition to his win against Klitschko, it is his sexist and homophobic comments that have kept Fury in the headlines.

Therefore, when Klitschko will fight Fury on the 9th of July, the Ukrainian will enjoy unparalleled support from many of the civil right activists around the globe.

“I’m going to bash his face in for all his anti-semitic, sexist and homophobic comments, which he regularly likes to come out with.”

Taking a look at his past successes, Klitschko claimed that he was just like the German football Champion Bayern Munich prior to his defeat.

The boxer further claimed that continuous success is always boring as it does not satisfy the public.

“But what is the option? To lose? Or to be the subject of scandal? I wouldn’t want either.” Said Klitschko.