The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Dies at 74

After fighting Parkinson’s disease for the better part of three decades, legendary fighter Muhammad Ali lost the final battle of his life and sadly passed away on the 4th of June.

After enduring an issue with his respiratory system, Ali was moved to the HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center.

According to his spokesperson Bob Gunnel, Ali was transported to the Medical Center in Scottsdale on Thursday.

In a eulogy that came from his daughter Hana Ali, she described her father as a “humble mountain” on her Twitter account. She further dedicated her blessings to her father.

Hana further stated that in the final moments of her father, his children surrounded Ali while chanting Islamic prayers in his ears.

Giving a glowing account of the much-documented spirit of Ali, Hana stated that his heart sustained to beat for 30-minutes even after his organs failed to function.

Tributes for Ali
Taking a look at the tributes that came for him and there was no shortage of them after Ali bid his farewell to this world:

In a statement issued by the White House, the Obamas declared that “they are fortunate” to live in the “time of Muhammad Ali”.

President Obama further stated that, by standing with Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, Mohammad Ali “fought for us”.

Another notable tribute came from the former boxer George Foreman, whom Ali defeated in his quest for the World title in 1974.

The former boxer claimed that it was the beauty of Mohammad Ali, and not his rope a dope, that helped him to floor Foreman in 1974.

However, while there were millions of tributes pouring in for the Legendary boxer, Mike’s Tyson’s was as poignant as most. In a response on his twitter account, Tyson claimed that “God came for his Champion”.