Breazeale warns Joshua: “I’m beating you up real bad”

In an enthralling interview given to Sky Sports’ “The Gloves are Off”, American boxer Dominic Breazeale has warned Anthony Joshua that he will get a taste of his own medicine when the pair meet on June 25.

The American further reiterated his stance as he claimed that he is going to stun the world by knocking out the world heavyweight Champion.

Giving us a glimpse of his gameplan, Breazeale told Joshua that he will take him to “uncharted territory” in the 6th and 7th rounds of their fight.

Afterward, as stated by the American, he plans to knock out Joshua to strip him of his title.

In addition to talking about the future, Breazeale also stirred controversy as he claimed that Joshua only won the Olympic Gold Medal because he enjoyed the favour of hometown judges.

Breazeale said on a captivating┬áThe Gloves Are Off: “[Roberto]┬áCammarelle the Italian, he won that gold medal. Fighting in your backyard leaving things up to the judges, you’re going to get that nod.”

“That’s why I don’t plan on letting that fight on June 25 go to the judges. I do not believe Anthony Joshua is a gold medallist. Cammarelle won that fight.”

Providing his analysis on other British fighters, Breazeale claimed that he would beat Tyson fury with “one hand tied behind his back”.

Coming into this fight, the Californian has 17 professional wins to his name.

However, most of those wins came against anonymous fighters, a fact, which largely understates the capbilities of the 30-year old.

Nevertheless, despite all his talk before the game, it would be a major upset if Breazeale is able to defeat, let alone KO, Joshua on the 25th of June at the O2.